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Designing the Ultimate Bespoke Home Cinema Experience Cinema View Image

Designing the Ultimate Bespoke Home Cinema Experience

From multi-purpose media rooms to dedicated Dolby® Atmos® home cinema room with audio, video, acoustics and seating to challenge any local cineplex. Award-winning cinema designers.

Only one thing beats watching a movie at the cinema. That’s the luxury of watching it in your own home on the big screen with stunning high resolution and surround sound.

Cyberhomes can design and build your ultimate home theatre system—we’re the experts in home cinema installation. But we don’t just fit the best equipment on the market to give you an exhilarating home cinema experience.

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Media rooms

For everyday viewing, a large LED TV does the job. But for big movie nights, major sporting events and the ultimate gaming experience, you want something special.

At a single touch, the lights dim, blinds close, and a big screen and projector descend from the ceiling—your living room or multi-purpose media room is transformed into a home cinema.

Dedicated cinema rooms

For the ultimate home movie experience, we can design and build you a dedicated bespoke home cinema room.

With an ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K projector and screen, immersive 3D sound and luxurious tiered seating, you can see movies how they were meant to be seen—without leaving the house. Just add the popcorn, and you’re all set.

We design and build exceptional home cinema rooms...

Home Cinema Room Acoustics

Home Cinema Room Acoustics
  • Amazing surround sound

    A great cinema surround sound system only goes part-way to achieving cinema-like sound quality. The rest comes down to the acoustics of your home theatre room.

    Crystal-clear dialogue, razor-sharp clarity, pinpoint focus and wrap-around sound depend as much on the cinema room as on the equipment in it. The shape of your room, where you sit, where your speakers are placed, the location and materials of your furnishing and fittings—all of these elements contribute to peak audio performance.

    Cyberhomes has the expertise to overcome the acoustic issues every home cinema room faces.

  • Reflection

    As sound travels from a speaker to your ears, it bounces off the walls, floor and room furnishings. Too much of this ‘reflection’ will muddy the sound; too little creates an unpleasant artificial ‘dead’ sound.

    Cyberhomes acoustically treats your home cinema room to get the right balance. Generally, more sound absorption is needed at the front of the room to reduce reflection, which sharpens dialogue and increases clarity. More diffusion at the back of the room typically improves surround sound.

  • Low frequency

    Low bass sounds can become distorted in a small room like a home cinema. The tone of the sound can become uneven, and you might find it difficult to hear a film’s dialogue. What’s more, standing waves can cause dips and booms in the sound. By fitting bass traps, for example, Cyberhomes can improve the clarity, balance and timbre of your surround sound.

  • Envelopment

    At its best, surround sound lets you feel like you’ve been transported into the scene you’re watching. Focused sounds match up with the images you see, taking the realism of your home cinema experience to new heights.

  • Sound isolation

    You’ll want to banish distracting household noises from your home cinema room, and experience the full power of your surround sound system—without disturbing the peace for everyone else.

    Cyberhomes’ specialists know how to deal with the complexities of sound isolation. Where possible, this means creating a ‘room within a room’, allowing us to control all the acoustic elements that affect the sound in your home theatre system.

    By minimising sound pockets and vibrations in your home cinema room, Cyberhomes gives you the fullest possible dynamic range (that’s the difference between the softest and loudest sounds you can hear). This is what you need to pick out even the quietest details of a film, without having to turn the volume up.

  • Acoustic calibration

    Once we’ve acoustically treated your home cinema room, we can fine-tune it to achieve optimal audio performance. You can choose to have your home calibrated by a Home Acoustics Alliance-trained sound engineer.

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Home Cinema Interior Design

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  • Stunning surroundings

    Classic, Art Deco, Hollywood glam, space age or funky: we create the look you want for your home cinema room, whatever your style. Our interior designers work with you to give your room the ‘wow factor’, unspoiled by the sight of equipment or cabling.

  • Hidden away

    We use acoustically transparent materials to hide speakers in the walls and ceiling of your home cinema—without compromising on surround sound quality.

    In multi-purpose media rooms, we use motorised screens and projectors that appear and disappear at the touch of a button.

  • Beautiful lighting

    Thriller, romcom or live sport? Switch on the ideal lighting conditions for any occasion at the touch of a button.

    When programming settings into your home lighting automation system, we consider every detail. You might want your lights to dim as the film starts, to build a sense of excitement. One tap of your app will let you pause your film, bring up soft lighting and open the bar curtains simultaneously. And as the film ends, your lights can come back on slowly to bring you back gently into the real world.

    We also ensure your home cinema lighting doesn’t interfere with your home cinema experience. This means making sure your fixtures, fittings and transformers don’t create noise or interfere with sound transmission. It also means making sure your light fittings—or any other fitting and fixtures for that matter—do not reflect distracting light.

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Home Cinema Picture and Screen

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  • Flawless visuals

    Creating the perfect picture requires more than high-spec home cinema equipment. It demands the technical expertise to get the most from your technology.

    Our engineers and home cinema designers consider every detail, to give you cinema-quality visuals with vibrant colour, high definition, the sharpest contrast and immaculate clarity.

  • Screen size

    For a truly stunning home cinema experience, you need to be able to see every detail of every image, across the whole of the screen. We’ll calculate your optimal viewing distance, and find the best screen size for your room.

  • Aspect ratio

    Film and TV content are shot in a different aspect ratio (the width to height ratio of the image). That’s why you sometimes see black bars around a film when watching it on TV. We can banish these from your screen with an anamorphic projector lens, or by using motorised masking.

  • Resolution

    The new generation of 4K UHD screens has arrived, with double the horizontal resolution and double the vertical resolution of current high-definition screens for four times the detail.

    You can take advantage of the 4K streaming services offered by Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, or install Sky’s 4K box or a 4K Kaleidescape player.

  • Lighting

    Watching a movie in the dark can be exciting, but your eyes can’t adjust to take in the film’s full dynamic range of lights and shades. However, the room must be sufficiently void of light contamination to give you the right contrast ratio and immaculate image detail.

    Cyberhomes sets the perfect ‘bias lighting’ into your home lighting automation system. So at the touch of a button, you can watch stunningly vibrant images in ideal lighting conditions.

  • Screen material

    The material your screen’s made of can make a huge difference to your viewing experience. With exactly the right material colour, your screen will reflect the precise amount of light to give you accurate colour reproduction. The material must also be acoustically transparent if you want the benefits of positioning your speakers behind the screen.

  • Video display calibration

    Once your home cinema is installed, you can choose to have your screen and projector finely calibrated by Imaging Science Foundation-trained visual engineers. To give you the best picture possible, they will take a detailed look at the precise configuration of your screen and projector, in conjunction with the unique lighting conditions and layout of your room.

  • Dynamic range

    Many of the very latest (2016 onwards) televisions and projectors support High Dynamic Range (HDR) which allows the screen to display a wider and richer range of colours, much brighter whites, and much deeper, darker blacks. HDR content allows you to see more detail in the darkest and brightest areas of a picture. The benefit is more natural, true-to-life colours that are closer to how we expect to see them in real life.

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Home Cinema Audio and Surround Sound

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  • Breathtaking audio

    The best multiplex cinemas give you sound quality that pulsates through your body. They wrap you up in atmospheric sound, making you feel like you’re in the thick of the action.

    Cyberhomes provides you with a clarity, richness and depth of sound that brings that magic to your home cinema system. You can opt for a traditional surround sound system, or the kind of 3D immersive sound experience that’s raised the bar in home cinema design.

  • Surround sound

    Surround sound in your lounge or media cinema room typically comes from a 5.1 system: five speakers and a bass subwoofer. In a larger space, you might opt for a 7.1 system, which places two additional speakers behind the audience.

    Each group of speakers acts as a channel for different types of sound. Front-centre speakers relay dialogue; those to the side and back provide ambient sound effects, like rustling leaves or cheering crowds. With noises coming at you from different directions, you feel like you’re surrounded by sound.

  • 3D immersive sound

    You’re taken even deeper into the action with 3D immersive sound systems such as Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS:X.

    Sounds and images are more closely linked than ever before, letting you experience sound as you would in real life. Your eyes and ears can track the flight of a helicopter coming in overhead, or even a bullet fired from a gun.

    Dolby Atmos achieves this by isolating individual sounds into something called an ‘audio object’. The system intelligently moves these objects around your three-dimensional space, via multiple speakers in the walls and ceiling. So you’re not just surrounded by sound, you feel like you’re in the movie.

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Home Cinema Equipment

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  • The right stuff

    Our engineers and designers consider every detail to give you the ultimate home theatre. And they work with the best cinema equipment suppliers on the market.

    We give you the lowdown on the home cinema equipment you’ll need, and the brands we trust to give you the best possible experience.


    A high-spec projector and screen are a must for stunning visuals. For your media room or living room, you’ll probably want these to be motorised.

    That means they can be hidden away when you’re using your LED/OLED screen for everyday viewing, and appear at the touch of a button when you’re ready to watch the big screen.

  • Audio

    The essential elements of an audio system are the same for a dedicated home cinema or a multi-purpose media room:

    Speakers: For a traditional surround sound set up, you’ll need left and right, centre channel, surround and rear speakers at least. For 3D immersive sound, you can have multiple speakers in the walls and ceiling.

    Subwoofers: Generally the largest speakers in your sound system, the subwoofers deliver deep ‘body moving’ bass sounds. Typically, we will install two subwoofers, but more if the room allows.

    Surround sound processor and amplifiers: A receiver can be installed for all video and audio processing and routing. It might include an AM/FM tuner, network access, an amplifier, an audio processor to direct sound to the appropriate speakers, and a video processor to enhance the picture on your high-res display. Larger systems will use separate equipment for each of these tasks.

  • Source

    Cyberhomes will make sure your home cinema system will play content from all your preferred sources, including cable, satellite or streamed IP TV, a Blu-ray/Ultra HD Blu-ray/DVD player, game console or computer.

    We can even provide a movie server, such as Kaleidescape, so your whole film collection is instantly available without having to look for the disc.

  • Equipment rack

    An equipment rack is needed to store your technology, and connect the mass of cabling that comes with a home cinema system. It will ideally be sited outside your cinema room, to avoid noise and light pollution and manage heat.

    Cyberhomes has a dedicated rack-building facility. This is where we design, build and test all our equipment racks and specify the cable schedules that make your cabling easily identifiable and fit for purpose.

  • Control system

    Once your home cinema system is in place, you’ll want to be able to use it with ease. We’ll provide you with a single user interface, integrated into any existing home automation system. As approved installers of Savant Pro, Crestron and Control4, we’ll recommend the control system best suited to your requirements.

    This means you can operate every element of your home cinema system at the touch of a remote control, wall-mounted screen, smartphone and/or tablet. We’ll set you up so that children and visitors can easily watch a film on the big screen when they want—either in your dedicated home cinema or media room.

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Home Cinema Seating

  • Sitting pretty

    There’s much more to home cinema seating than meets the eye. You want to be comfortable and you want your room to look the part. But you also want your seating to enhance your overall cinema experience.

    Cyberhomes will give you the cinema seating you need for maximum style, comfort and performance.

  • Location

    Our home cinema designers and engineers will identify the best configuration for the seating in your home cinema or media room. We’ll make sure everyone can see high-resolution images across the entire screen, and hear every sound from every speaker, for the ultimate movie experience.

  • Style and function

    When it comes to the style of cinema seating, your options are endless. For a multi-purpose media room, you might choose anything from a stylish bar stool to a luxury sofa. In a dedicated home theatre, your options include tiered rows of reclining Italian leather cinema seats, complete with massage system, iPad chargers, drinks coolers and snack storage.

  • Build

    Your surround sound system will be powerful, so you won’t want any unwanted vibrations or rattling spoiling the big film. We have the expertise to construct your whole cinema room, including tiered seating, that won’t interfere with performance.

  • 4D experience

    Cyberhomes can take your movie watching or gaming experience to another level. With transducers built into your seating, you’ll physically feel movement at the exact moment it’s happening on screen. You’ll shake with the power of an on-screen explosion, and shudder as the revs ramp up during a thrilling car chase.

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Cinema Seating
Cinema Seating
Cinema Seating
Cinema Seating
Cinema Seating
Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Build and Project Management

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  • Cyberhomes will work with you to create your perfect home cinema. Whether it’s in your lounge or media room, a dedicated theatre room, or part of a new build home, we’ll manage the project from start to finish. We work with you to design, build and install your dream home cinema system.

    Initially, we’ll talk you through different concepts and develop a personalised mood board of interior finishes and colours. Our award-winning experts will then:

    • Take exact measurements of your home cinema room with a laser device
    • Provide you with a 3D render of the room—the animations show you exactly how your home cinema will look, giving you the chance to amend the design before any structural work begins
    • Carry out all structural work from detailed designs, which include floor plans, construction drawings and 2D plans and elevations
    • Give you an immaculate finish to the cinema room, including the installation of stretched fabric to hide all equipment and speakers behind your walls and ceiling
    • Supply and test your AV equipment
    • Acoustically isolate and treat your home cinema room to maximise the performance of your surround sound
    • Commission and calibrate your video and audio equipment to achieve the best possible picture and sound
    • Automate your home cinema, integrating controls into any existing systems or providing the latest control system
    • Work with your architects, electrical contractors, interior designers and M + E consultants to ensure a smooth completion of the project

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Home Cinema 3D Renders

At Cyberhomes, we transform spaces into personalised havens of entertainment, combining state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions with captivating aesthetics.

Explore our 3D renders and envision the extraordinary possibilities that await in your own home cinema sanctuary. Welcome to a new era of home entertainment, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, and your cinematic dreams come to life.


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Oxfordshire Movie Magic

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