Ruby Cinema featured in Essential Install magazine

DbM supplied Cyberhomes with a complete AV package.

By combining a variety of high-quality solutions from its product portfolio, Premium AV distributor, DbM, supplied Cyberhomes with a complete AV package for a large home cinema. Paired with technical advice and design support, this project showcases the level of excellence that can be achieved when integrators partner with the DbM team.

This home cinema was part of a whole house project for Cyberhomes, where every room in the property would have its own theme to provide a unique experience and the wow factor.

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Source: Essential Install magazine April 2024


For the cinema room – which was later named the Ruby Cinema – Cyberhomes and the interior designers worked together on a dark red colour scheme and created a design that would see every wall, ceiling and the interior elements blended seamlessly together.

With the client wanting to use the room for watching movies and sport, listening to music, gaming and running presentations, he requested the best possible AV performance within this environment. He also wanted the space to accommodate 15 or more people, with the prime seating location in the middle front and second row.

To achieve what the client was requesting, the construction needed to be to the highest quality with meticulous attention to detail – something which Cyberhomes is known for. Each section going into constructing the space was CNC cut, including the stage, projector ceiling, wall panels and supporting structures. It was then time to turn the attention to the AV equipment.

Victorious Video

For the best picture quality, the Barco Njord Cinemascope projector was chosen as it offers a native 2.37 image ratio using 5120 x 2160 pixels (5k) and up to 9000 Lumens and DCI/P3 colour gamut from a 3 chip DLP with laser light engine. This is perfect for the often specified 2.37 aspect ratio projection screens.

This large projector was fully enclosed within an acoustically isolated and climate-controlled enclosure. In order to meet the client’s preference of 15 seats and the aesthetic appeal of a big projector eye in the room, the enclosure had to be mounted above the rear seating. The lens outlet was finished with a custom-made brass eyelet which Cyberhomes designed and had constructed to match to the finish as the bespoke seating cupholders.

The Barco projector is paired with a Lumagen Radiance Pro 5244 processor, which provides more enhanced versions of tone mapping and video signal quality. It reduces jitter in the audio and video signal, making a huge difference to audio and video fidelity, both of which are immediately noticeable.

Having frame by frame analysis of the video content for correct HDR tone mapping is also essential to ensure that all content is rendered to the correct NIT value, something that the Lumagen does a superb job of.

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Awesome Audio

During the initial demonstration stage with the client, Cyberhomes noticed that the client had a preference for bass-heavy music and action movies played at very high volumes. Knowing this, it was essential, therefore, to select a High SPL solution for the room using a multiple subwoofer array positioned to allow fine-tuning of the bass response. The target was to reach 105dB in the back row, which would provide plenty of headroom for adjustments and fine-tuning, with the signature Meridian sonic fidelity that the client loved.

After running through various options and exploring how they would work in the room, the team opted for a Dolby Atmos 11.10.6 speaker system using Meridian’s Digital Active loudspeakers and subwoofers, alongside a Trinnov Altitude 32 processor

Cyberhomes chose Trinnov because of its extensive audio fine tuning and bass management software allowing the team to optimise the room, and Meridian speakers due to their super low distortion and high SPL using digital active technology. 

Aspects of the room build also determined product selection. Due to the positioning of the doors into the room, the planned 150mm fabrication depth wasn’t going to be enough for the large masking projector screen. The depth also meant that it would be very difficult to angle the front left and right speakers towards the main listening position without building the wall out further and bringing the screen even closer to the seating positions.

The slim profile of the in-wall loudspeakers allows them to fit into walls that are 100mm deep, which would be important due to the side wall depth limitations. The linear wide off-axis response (up to 120 degrees horizontal axis) of the speakers reduces the requirement for angling the front speakers. 

The system features six DSP730 in-ceiling loudspeakers and 17 DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers. The LCR’s were installed in a High Power Array set up, utilising the patented HPA software developed in house by the Meridian research and development engineers behind the projector screen. The sub bass is handled by 10 Meridian DSW600 in-wall DSP subwoofers.

The room presented a significant challenge due to the aesthetic requirements, materials, three tiers of seating and construction. However, Cyberhomes was able to overcome these obstacles by using the Trinnov Altitude 32, which interfaced seamlessly with the Meridian loudspeakers through a Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller. 

The large projector enclosure and curved structure meant that the rear height speakers had to be rotated to fit. By making some calibration changes to the Trinnov processor, Cyberhomes ensured the speakers would still work well for the rear seating.

The existing recess that the fans had to be housed in fell exactly where Cyberhomes was aiming to position the second row of surround speakers, which meant they had to be positioned slightly forward. The Meridian speakers overcame this issue very well due to their wide horizontal dispersion when combined with the advanced calibration settings of the Trinnov and a high speaker count. 
All speakers were calculated to make sure they met the reference level at reference seating position, the level was then tested up to 105dB using pink noise with all speakers, as well as just the front speakers. Both tests exceeded 105dB.

  • Ruby Cinema featured in Essential Install magazine gallery image 1

The Final Word…

“The speaker combination provided plenty of dynamic headroom to allow fine-tuning with the multiple subwoofers allowing precision distribution of clean controlled bass,” comments Chris Morley, Lead Designer at Cyberhomes. “We believe that Trinnov and Meridian together provided exceptional performance with great control of fine-tuning and the final sound of the room.

“The DbM team was incredibly helpful in selecting the optional speaker positions and conducting the initial set up of the interface between the Trinnov and Meridian products, which worked exceptionally well.”

Equipment List

1 x Barco Njord Cinemascope projector
1 x Lumagen Radiance Pro 5244 processor
6 x Meridian DSP730 in-ceiling loudspeakers
17 x Meridian DSP750 in-wall loudspeakers
10 x Meridian DSW600 in-wall sub 
23 x Meridian RF600 Rough-in Box 
2 x Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller
1 x Trinnov Altitude 32 



As featured in Essential Install April 2024 by All Things Media - Issuu. Equipment supplied by Distributed by Meridian (DbM)

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