Smart Home Security Systems

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Safety, security and peace of mind

At Cyberhomes, we take security seriously. We design and install our own home security systems from start to finish, including the subsequent management of your system.

We think it’s the only way to guarantee that your security system meets our exacting standards. The intruder alarm element of the system is installed by SSAIB-certified personnel to ensure you can have automated police response if required.

Our innovative home security systems include CCTV, which can be customised to record when detecting movement and accessed from anywhere in the world, from your home display screens or an internet connection through our smart home technology.

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Customised Security

We can fully customise your home security system to integrate with other aspects of your home automation set-up too, such as setting up light activation routines when you’re away.

With the ability to keep an eye on your property wherever you are in the world, our security systems bring that added peace of mind to your home automation solution.

Access Control Systems

The latest access control systems allow you to see who’s at your door or gate with a video link to your smart phone before you decide whether or not you wish to remotely open the gates for them.

Our home security systems aren’t just about protecting you from intruders. We also integrate smoke, heat and carbon monoxide sensors. And because our systems are integrated if, for example, there’s a fire detected our systems won’t just sound an alarm, they can turn on all the lights to aid your escape from the building and open gates to allow emergency vehicle access.

Security you can rely on

A quick guide to some of the CCTV and Home Security technologies we use.

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AcuSense AI and machine learning

AcuSense technology integrates advanced deep-learning algorithms into security cameras and video recorders. This innovative system automatically identifies and distinguishes humans and vehicles in real-time video feeds, delivering instantaneous notifications to users' mobile devices.

By effectively reducing false alarms triggered by factors such as animals, falling leaves, and heavy rain, AcuSense empowers businesses and homeowners to allocate their security resources more efficiently, focusing on genuine threats to enhance overall security measures.

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Classified Object detection

Protect what matters the most

The deep-learning algorithms undergo training to categorise objects in videos into three distinct groups: Humans, Vehicles, and Other. Subsequently, users can customise the algorithms to autonomously identify either humans, vehicles, or both according to their specific preferences.

This configuration enables real-time notifications, ensuring prompt updates based on the identified categories.

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Our reputation speaks volumes

Let all of our client testimonials tell the story...

"We were delighted to work with the Cyberhomes team from concept through to implementation. Our project was a lifetime dream fulfilled, and we wanted to execute to the highest possible standard and needed somebody to help us understand what was possible. Everyone walking into our cinema simply says ‘wow’ and that is a testament to the whole team’s professionalism and vision. We have had many happy nights in there already and expect to have many more for years to come."

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