Smart Home Automation Systems

Control of your smart home, at the touch of a button Image

Control of your smart home, at the touch of a button

What do we mean by home automation (or indeed office automation)?

Home automation is when different technologies and standard home systems, such as lighting and heating, are integrated together into a single home automation control system which allows one system to automatically control another without you explicitly having to request every action.

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There’s home automation and then there’s the best in home automation

We share a vision of perfection with all of our customers, creating that 'wow' factor every time you enter your home. We pride ourselves on integrating tomorrow’s technology today.

Our home automation solutions are designed to offer you any combination of:

  • Multi-Room Audio Video
  • Home Cinema Installations
  • Automated Lighting Control Systems
  • Home CCTV and Security
  • Occupancy Simulation
  • Data and Communication
  • Heating and Air Conditioning

Imagine this…

barnes home automation 21You’re watching a movie in your cinema room with your family.

The doorbell rings. You pause the movie and automatically the brightness of your lighting system turns up, just a little to allow you to see what you’re doing. You check the video feed on your smartphone (that is fully connected to your automated home system) to see who’s at the door and speak to them remotely. Then when you press play the lighting system automatically fades as you enjoy the rest of the movie.


It’s dawn and your automated home automatically opens the blinds in your bedroom.

You open a window to let in some air and your homes smart heating system automatically turns down the heating in the room to save wasting energy.


You’re late leaving the office.

You remotely access your home climate control system from your smartphone. The system detects there’s no-one else at home so turns down the heating. On your way home you hit a traffic jam; the GPS in your smartphone automatically keeps your automated home system updated and only turns the heating back on when you’re 20 minutes away…the perfect comfort level when you finally arrive.

Delivering the Smart Home

These are just simple examples of the many smart home capabilities that we can implement in your home by integrating together multiple different technologies into a single control system that allows your property to automatically control home systems based on inputs and data it is receiving.

Our intuitive touch screen interfaces and SMART technology make it easy for you to control your home systems, we can even integrate programmed schedules, meaning you can sit back and let our clever systems do all the work for you. That’s right—we can design your home automated system so that your heating and lighting come on only when your home orif a certain room detects movement! However complicated your vision, we make it all come together in a way that is completely easy-to-use and our unique ‘two-way’ backup systems ensure there is absolutely no down time.

No wonder we’re the first choice for home automation systems across London, Oxford and the South East.

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The home automation systems we use

Cyberhomes use the three most intuitive and powerful home automation systems on the market: Savant Pro, Crestron and Control4.

We are one of a select few, leading companies in the UK trusted to integrate Savant Pro technology, setting new heights in virtual reality automation and bringing you real time control of your living space. As an approved dealer and system integrator for all three leading systems, we are able to always recommend the solution that most perfectly fits your needs.

Find out more about these three leading control systems:
Savant home automation


Savant Pro transforms your iPad, iPhone and other iOS and Android smartphones and tablets into your very own personalised control portal for everything that matters most in your life or business.

Savant Pro becomes your light switch, your thermostat, your personal media player, your on/off, open/close, up/down button from just about anywhere in the world.

What was once complex and confusing technology is now progressively smart with Savant Pro. From the luxury home cinema room to the bedroom, the living room to the boardroom, Savant Pro offers the easiest to use control, automation and media system for the residential and commercial markets worldwide.

What sets it apart from other control systems is the beautiful user interface—it’s so easy to use and Interior Designers just love how it complements any room design.

savant home automation


Make your home the hangout for family and friends. Control4 Home Cinema and Multi-Room Music systems make your house the most entertaining place around.

Control4, a leading provider of the operating system for the smart home, delivers intelligent control over consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface.

Founded in 2003, the company delivers affordable automation of lighting, music, video, thermostat, security, and energy management systems through more than 1,900 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors in over 70 countries.

With the most intelligent, open and affordable control solution on the market, Control4 is the platform of choice for major consumer electronics companies, residential homes, businesses and utilities that require an intelligent, open and affordable control solution. And now also with voice control via Amazon Alexa.

savant home automation


At Home

You don’t need multiple remotes just to watch television, or a wall filled with switches and knobs that takes you three tries to find the right light. Take control of your home with just one button press from a sleek Crestron touch screen, designer-engraved keypad or your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or Android™ device. Select a movie to watch or music to enjoy from your favourite chair. Adjust your lights, shades, temperature and check on your alarm system without getting out of bed. The comfort and convenience of the ultimate technology lifestyle can be yours.

At Work

Whether you need to control an AV presentation, videoconference internationally or update your digital signage, Crestron has a control system to keep you connected. Monitor your enterprise to increase sustainability by tracking your carbon footprint to see where you use on site energy, and how you can continue to reduce energy costs. Add room sensors and set presets for shades to control daylight harvesting and only use lights as they are needed. Show off your energy savings from a stylish interface in your lobby.

Our commercial division can install Crestron systems in offices, hotels, retail outlets and conference centres; to name but a few.


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