London Dream Home Private Cinema

A stunning cinema room for a London dream home

A luxury hotel developer and interior designer trusted Cyberhomes to help them create their outstanding dream home in London.

The look of the cinema room was crucial to the owners. The couple had their heart set on preserving the double doors between the cinema room and hallway, which restricted the wall space available for the screen.

At the same time, the shape and size of the room, and the beautiful bespoke ceiling fixture designed by Cyberhomes, meant that our sound engineers would have to be creative.

"I would highly recommend Cyberhomes. They’re dedicated, honest, professional, knowledgeable, efficient—and very good value for money."

Hotel Developer | London, UK


Hotel developer's own home


St John's Wood, London, UK


Case Study

Download PDF of Cyberhomes 'St Johns Wood Dream Home' private cinema case study Download this Luxury London Bespoke Cinema case study
CEDIA Best Home Cinema Level I (EMEA)  Finalist 2018 Image

CEDIA Best Home Cinema Level I (EMEA) Finalist 2018

This project is a finalist for 2018 CEDIA awards for 'Best Home Cinema £40,000 to £120,000'.

The Services Provided...

Audio & Video

Cyberhomes achieved Dolby ® Atmos®  7.1.4 cinematic surround sound through innovative speaker selection, positioning and configuration; and the use of a premium AV processor and amplifiers. As the seating is close to the walls, we used bi-poles for the side and rear speakers to maximise dispersion.

The use of Triad’s Gold range for the left, centre and right speakers provides the homeowners with ‘audiophile’ levels of quality sound for watching classical music concerts. The system also gives the children the depth of sound they desire when viewing movies and sport.

We also had the room acoustically treated, which involved installing absorption and bass management panels. The coffered ceiling minimises sound reflection, and adds a touch of elegance with its starfield lighting effect.

We worked with Screen Research to design a bespoke cinema screen, as nothing available on the market was compatible with the room’s configuration. Innovative use of motorised top and bottom masking automatically achieve the correct aspect ratios. We carried out ISF calibration on the Sony projector for maximum colour accuracy. The distance from the projector to the rack room required the use of an optical-fibre HDMI connection, to preserve full 4:4:4 colour depth at 4K resolution and high frame rates.

A second such connection allows a games console to be plugged into the cinema room and fed back to the video matrix. The result is large-screen gaming with full 4K resolution, high-frame rate support, and Dolby Atmos surround sound—an ultimate gaming experience, which the couple’s children love sharing with their friends.

London Dream Home Private Cinema Details Image 1


Operating the complex technology in the cinema room couldn’t be simpler.

Touching the ‘Movie’ button on the wallplate lowers the projector from the ceiling; opens the screen’s side-masking; turns on the Kaleidescape player; and selects the right lighting, audio and video inputs. It’s then just a case of choosing what to watch via the Control4 app or remote control.

We pre-programmed lighting scenes into the home’s Lutron lighting control system, and integrated them into the cinema room controls. So when the family sits down to a movie, sports programme or a spot of gaming, the lighting automatically matches the occasion.

When the screen isn’t in use, the immaculate interior is preserved by hiding the equipment from view. The projector disappears into the ceiling, and the screen becomes invisible thanks to full closure side-masking. The speakers and acoustic treatment already lie behind pleated, stretched-fabric walls.

Initiated via the wallplate or remote control, the ‘Room off’ sequence also shuts down all equipment and the heating or air conditioning, as well as fading up the lights. The lights automatically switch off 10 minutes later.

London Dream Home Private Cinema Details Image 2

Equipment Racks

We arranged the AV processor, amplifiers and other source equipment in dedicated AV racks, located in a plant room.

All equipment has UPS backup to ensure safe shutdown if there’s a power outage.

Cyberhomes remotely monitors the technology, receiving an alert if anything fails. An IP-controlled power distribution unit (PDU) means we can remotely reboot equipment if necessary, without being onsite or disturbing the client.

London Dream Home Private Cinema Details Image 3

Products Used

  • Integrated System Control—Control4
  • Lighting Control System—Lutron
  • In-ceiling Speakers—James Loudspeakers
  • Critical Listening Speakers—Meridian
  • Security/CCTV—Texecom and VisualInt
  • Televisions—Sony OLED and LED
  • Projector—Sony
  • Cinema Speakers—Triad
  • Climate Control—Heatmiser and North
  • Amplification—James, Control4, AudioControl and BGW

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