Savant Partners with Netgear to Improve the Connected Home

Savant have Announced a New Partnership

Ensuring your home network, both wired and Wi-Fi is robust, reliable and fast is essential in a successful smart home. So many devices now need to talk to each other, to the control system or back to servers on the internet.


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Home automation specialists, and Cyberhomes favourites, Savant have announced a new partnership with leading network infrastructure manufacturer Netgear. This close working relationship will enable both companies to improve efficiency for any job size while creating new opportunities by offering superior networking capabilities along with exclusive, co-engineered solutions for the custom installation market.

The last 12 to 18 months has seen a big shift in the way video, and increasingly audio, is distributed around the home. Video over IP (and its sister technology, audio over IP) allow high resolution cost-effective distribution of video and audio to multiple TV screens and in-room speakers throughout a home. It’s also easily scalable, so you’re not tied to the number of outputs provided by a traditional video matrix.

Netgear already have an existing relationship with Savant—their M4300 switches power Savant’s video-over-IP solutions. Capable of up to 40 Gbps, they are more than capable of handling multiple 4K video streams at the same time.

Savant and Netgear have joined forces to reduce the cost and complexity associated with home automation,” says Vikram Mehta, senior vice president of SMB products for Netgear. “Our role in this strategic partnership is as follows: first, Netgear is engineering networking products specifically for home automation applications; second, we’re integrating the management of our products into Savant’s management framework; third, we’re providing technical support and training to the Savant community of integrators; and finally, we’re supporting Savant’s efforts to offer pre-set solution bundles for certain job types to make purchasing our products directly from Savant more seamless for integrators.

The partnership goes beyond just simplified distribution and knowledge sharing; Netgear are working on a strategic roadmap of new products and services exclusive to and optimised for Savant.

Robert Madonna, CEO of Savant said: “Understanding the vitality of networking products and services to our integration partners for jobs of every size, it was our objective to align with a highly respected provider such as Netgear.

Savant and Netgear are creating a hassle-free, highly streamlined infrastructure that converts the challenge of networking into an important opportunity for integrators.

At Cyberhomes we’ve always placed a very high emphasis on getting the network right and ensuring it is secure. This attention to detail reaps rewards for increased reliability of your whole home automation integrated system. That means less support callouts as you enjoy your smart home for many many years.

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