RGB’s Savant control system makes oil/gas company installation easier

RGB’s Savant control system makes oil/gas company installation easier

RGB Communications and its channel partner Cyberhomes have successfully worked together to deliver a single, integrated AV installation with all of the different elements controlled by Savant Systems’ Apple-based commercial control system. RGB is the exclusive distributor for Savant in the UK and Ireland.

Oil and gas company Atlantic Energy required an AV solution that delivered a ‘wow’ factor both from a functionality perspective and from the aesthetics of the design.

“Before talking to Cyberhomes we were looking at an AV solution which involved liaison with various companies each delivering just one component,” said Hugo d’Apice, general services director for Atlantic Energy. “With its knowledge and expertise of the AV market, Cyberhomes was able to deliver the networking, telephony, lighting, blind and shade control and video conferencing elements in one integrated solution—a solution which delivers the wow factor I needed and which is simply and easily controlled by the Savant control system.”

“The features and functionality of Savant’s control system, with native OSX processing at its heart, means that the integration between different AV sub-systems is second to none,” said Andy Mack, Cyberhomes’ co-founder and director. “From my perspective, never before has it been possible to deploy such a slick user interface, which even the less technical user can understand.”

“I had to be sure that the solution would enable any of our three CEOs to walk into any of our London, Lagos or Zurich locations and immediately be able to operate the AV solution installed in their individual offices and the boardroom. Additionally the solution had to look good,” added d’Apice. “As Apple is by and large our platform choice, I was delighted when Cyberhomes recommended the Savant control system, as our senior management are completely at home with its user interface.”

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The Savant control system allows Atlantic Energy’s users to operate the AV solution via any iOS device, but the primary control device in the London office is the iPad.

Powerful hardware, like that of Savant’s control system, combined with its graphical user interfaces have historically been difficult and time consuming to program but with Savant’s RacePoint Blueprint software, Cyberhomes was able to deliver an attractive, powerful and fully functioning installation with the minimum of time and effort, saving time and money for both Atlantic Energy and ourselves,” continued Mack.

The RacePoint Blueprint configuration tool, which is said to greatly reduce system set-up time, allows RGB’s Savant-accredited channel partners to concentrate on the functionality of their AV project and to quickly do much more than with other touch screen control systems.

As the installation progressed, d’Apice realised that he needed additions to the AV solution. The flexibility of Savant’s control system made this easier and enabled Cyberhomes to install unexpected additions, including an increase in AV zones, with no problem.

With the installation of Atlantic Energy’s London office complete, Cyberhomes plans to prefabricate and commission the installations for the Lagos and Zurich offices, ship them out and carry out the final install on-site.

My expectations of the AV solution have not only been met, but they have been surpassed,” concluded d’Apice. “I have a single integrated solution that is easy to control and which delivers the wow factor I wanted. Any CEO or member of the senior management team will be able to walk into any of our office locations and feel completely at home.


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